Release – DocumentBurster 5.7.3


DocumentBurster 5.7.3 is able to get a PDF report which doesn’t contain any {burst token} and generate a different file for each page found in the input report.

While this alone doesn’t look like such a big thing together with Fetch Report Bursting Data From External Datasources can be used to burst and distribute legacy reports. A legacy report is defined as being a report which cannot be modified (for whatever reason) to include the meta-data information (burst tokens, user variables, etc.) which usually DocumentBurster will require in order to burst and deliver reports.

Do you have such reports which cannot be modified but you still need to distribute to your employees or business partners? This approach will not give all the bells and whistles of DocumentBurster but it will still get the job done (to distribute the reports).

Have a good day!

Virgil – May 30, 2012

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