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What Else Do I Get?
I also had a great help from the Support Team of DocumentBurster, who stayed with me the entire installation and Test process.
Marylou G. - Chief Financial Officer, ParkTrent Properties Group

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  • Why Upgrading DocumentBurster?
    The purchase price of DocumentBurster includes software upgrades for one year after the purchase. Thereafter DocumentBurster upgrade can be purchased.

    The upgrade service entitles your organization to:

    • Avoid being stuck with obsoleted versions. DocumentBurster software constantly evolves to work with the newest versions of PDF and Excel report formats
    • Upgrades address/correct bugs encountered in prior versions
    • Upgrades introduce improvements and new features that continually increase your efficiency and easy of use

    Support is geared to address the most common, most recent issues faced by the majority of customers

    You expect a support team that is knowledgeable and responsive when you encounter problems. Our support staff are obviously more familiar with current features and issues. By using the more recent versions, we are better able to support and help quickly, effectively, and with less disruption to your customer or end-user. Similarly, your own support staff may find it more confusing to have to deal with multiple releases, especially where issues in older versions have been resolved in more recent versions.

    You want to retain control of your upgrade schedule, ensuring that releases are tested and stable

    If you plan and execute a reasonable upgrade policy, you retain control. You can test, adjust (if need be) and deploy in your time.

    If you implement DocumentBurster less often

    Upgrading is no less important. Less frequent use means less opportunity to interact with the software, resulting in less familiarity with issues that surface when you or others implement changes. By keeping up-to-date in your own time, you are less likely to encounter compatibility issues in a live setting, better able to deal with new issues, and less likely to find yourself with an obsolete version. Moreover, our support staff who are more familiar with current features and issues, are better able to support in a timely manner.