Appendix A. DocumentBurster vs. DocumentBurster™ Server vs. DocumentBurster™ Portal

DocumentBurster software has three different flavors

Which version of the software you will choose depends on your specific needs. This chapter will offer additional details required to make this decision.

DocumentBurster is a normal (desktop) application which a user will configure and use on his or her work computer. This is the version of the software which you (most) probably downloaded and tested initially. DocumentBurster has all the report bursting and report distribution capabilities you would expect including report distribution by email, SMS or web and the capability to upload the reports to remote servers through various protocols.

DocumentBurster is usually purchased by companies where the "end-users" (people) (vs. enterprise ERP/CRM apps) are the main consumers of the application.

DocumentBurster is easier to configure but will require a separate installation/license for each separate user/machine.

DocumentBurster™ Server has all the bursting features of DocumentBurster and few additional capabilities targeted towards a more 100% hands off automation when integrated in an enterprise environment working alongside other ERP or CRM business applications. DocumentBurster™ Server is usually deployed on a "central" Windows Server machine and can be simultaneously used by multiple people and/or applications within your organization. For instance five (5) people can use a single central DocumentBurster™ Server installation through their own web browsers. DocumentBurster™ Server can be installed/started/executed automatically in the background as Windows Services. DocumentBurster™ Server has also scheduling capabilities and can automatically "poll" a folder to pick new incoming PDFs which need to be processed.

DocumentBurster™ Server is usually purchased by companies which need to consume and integrate DocumentBurster within their existing CRM or ERP business applications.

DocumentBurster™ Server is a little bit more involving to configure but the installation is done only once on a central server.

DocumentBurster™ Portal is our DocumentBurster cloud-based managed services solution.

DocumentBurster™ Portal allows our customers to focus on their business, instead of their report building, report generation, document distribution or how to build a mechanism to accept customer payments online. DocumentBurster™ Portal is a cloud-hosted web software which, for a fee, can be used to generate and send personalized documents to customers, manage and track documents sent to customers and to (optionally) accept payments online from your customers.

There is no software which you will have to install or configure on your computers in order to use DocumentBurster™ Portal. You will instead get a DocumentBurster™ Portal user/password account to login and track the distributed documents, check which customers paid and which customers didn't pay yet, send reminders for overdue payments, etc.

You will choose DocumentBurster™ Portal for any of the following reasons

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