Part V. Appendices

Table of Contents

A. DocumentBurster vs. DocumentBurster Server vs. DocumentBurster Portal
A.1. Which DocumentBurster Flavor to Choose?
A.2. DocumentBurster
A.3. DocumentBurster Server
A.4. DocumentBurster Portal
A.5. Contact Us
B. How to Do This and That
B.1. How To Distribute External Reports?
B.1.1. Configuration
B.1.2. Recipients List and Document(s) Paths
B.2. How To Implement Conditional Report Distribution?
B.2.1. skip_current_file_distribution_if.groovy
C. SharePoint Report Delivery
C.1. Distribute Reports to SharePoint by Email
C.1.1. SharePoint Configuration
C.1.2. Sample - Burst samples/Payslips.pdf Report to SharePoint 2007
D. Performance
D.1. Performance Guidelines - Getting the Most From Your DocumentBurster System
D.1.1. Minimize the network overhead
D.1.2. Minimize intermediate layers
D.1.3. Running DocumentBurster in a virtual machine
D.2. Performance Monitoring
D.2.1. Enable Performance Monitoring
D.2.2. Built-in DocumentBurster Performance Monitoring
D.2.3. Integration with Professional Third Party Monitoring Tools
D.3. Further Reading
E. Troubleshooting
E.1. Overview
E.1.1. Quick & Professional Support
E.2. Common Problems
E.2.1. I Get Only 25 Reports
E.2.2. Issues Running Basic Features?
E.2.3. UnsupportedClassVersionError Exception?
E.2.4. Mess With Multiple Java Installations
E.2.5. Burst Issue 1
E.2.6. Burst Issue 2
E.2.7. Variable Values Are Not Parsed Correctly?
E.2.8. Windows - DocumentBurster Server Is Failing to Start?
E.2.9. Windows - DocumentBurster Server Is Not Processing the Web Console Jobs?
E.2.10. Windows - DocumentBurster Web Console Is Failing to Start?
E.2.11. Windows Service Stops on Windows Server 2003?
E.2.12. Email Is Failing?
E.2.13. Email Still Fails?
E.2.14. Email SMTP Error 421
E.2.15. Email SMTP Error 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay
E.2.16. Few Emails Are Going and Then Email Stops Working
E.2.17. Email Is Still Failing?
E.2.18. Upload Issue?
E.2.19. I messed up with the configuration and now the program is failing. Is it possible to restore the default configuration?