Chapter 10.  DocumentBurster™ Portal

10.1. Use Cases
10.2. 1 Minute Walk-Through
10.3. Test Drive DocumentBurster Portal
10.4. Screenshots
10.5. Accept Online Payments (Optional)
10.6. Document Analytics (Optional)
10.7. Customization
10.8. Contact Us

DocumentBurster™ Portal is our DocumentBurster cloud-based managed services solution.

DocumentBurster™ Portal allows our customers to focus on their business, instead of their report building, report generation, document distribution or how to build a mechanism to accept customer payments online. DocumentBurster™ Portal is a cloud-hosted web software which can be used to generate and send personalized documents to customers, manage and track documents sent to customers and to (optionally) accept payments online from your customers.

DocumentBurster™ Portal is a cloud document platform which can be used for

Use Cases

DocumentBurster is used by people to implement the following

The easiest way to understand how DocumentBurster™ Portal works is to follow our 1 Minute Walk-Through showing the platform's high level capabilities in action.

You can also take our live Customer Payment Portal demo and understand how DocumentBurster™ Portal can be used to send documents (i.e. invoices) to customers and manage documents sent to customers.

You can take the demo as

  • AdminLoginDemo - Login to manage invoices sent to customers and keep track which customers paid and which didn't pay yet their invoices (use demo/demo for user/password)
  • PayInvoiceDemo - Customer which is paying the invoice ( Demo Mode – No Real Money Involved )

All documents are uploaded to DocumentBurster™ Portal

You login with an administrator password to manage uploaded documents

You can use the DocumentBurster™ Portal's built-in mechanism to accept customer payments online.

Customers can start paying your invoices in a matter of minutes.

Accepting Online Payments is an optional DocumentBurster™ Portal feature.

DocumentBurster™ Portal being a web application it's possible to track documents using Analytics and see who paid, who did not pay, who viewed or who didn't view yet the documents, etc.

For instance, if you need such detailed information about the distributed documents, it's possible to implement a Google Analytics dashboard similar with the following

It's possible to track which documents were viewed and which weren't, which documents were paid and which weren't, the revenue generated, geographic locations from where the documents were viewed and lots of other useful metrics.

Document Analytics is an optional DocumentBurster™ Portal feature.

Depending on your needs the same DocumentBurster™ Portal solution can be deployed to manage invoices, bills, purchase orders, statements, payslips, school fees, school grades, school reports or any other document which should be sent to your customers, employees or partners.

The layout (i.e. logo, brand, headers, footers, colors) of the implemented documents will be crafted to match the look and feel you would require.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further DocumentBurster™ Portal enquiries you might have.