Appendix C. SharePoint Report Delivery

DocumentBurster can be used to deliver reports to Microsoft SharePoint portals.

Microsoft SharePoint is a good document management system which has the following document related capabilities:

DocumentBurster is usually used together with SharePoint in order to solve the following business situations:

Following paragraphs will describe how to configure DocumentBurster in order to burst and deliver reports to Microsoft SharePoint portal.

The simplest way to upload reports to SharePoint is through DocumentBurster 's email distribution capability. DocumentBurster email configuration is described in Section 3.3, “Distribute Reports by Email? .

From DocumentBurster 's point of view, email configuration is exactly the same regardless if the email destinations are normal email addresses or are SharePoint enabled email addresses.

Microsoft SharePoint should be properly configured (by a SharePoint administrator) in order to accept inbound emails.

This example shows how to distribute reports to a WSS3.0 - SharePoint 2007 portal which is installed on Windows Server 2003.

While bursting samples/Payslips.pdf report, DocumentBurster will generate three output reports

which will be delivered to SharePoint's 2007 default Shared Documents document library folder.

Following configuration steps are presented with the help of few screenshots