1. DocumentBurster
2. DocumentBurster Server
3. DocumentBurster Portal

DocumentBurster is a powerful solution to schedule, break up (split), merge and distribute reports and can naturally complement any current business intelligence deployment by adding advanced report delivery capabilities.

DocumentBurster can process reports generated with an existing in-house reporting platform or with any of the well known leading report writers including Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence (Business Objects/SAP), IBM Cognos, Oracle Hyperion, Microsoft Reporting Services, Microsoft Access, QlikView, JasperReports, Eclipse BIRT, Pentaho, etc.

DocumentBurster software is currently used successfully together with business applications like Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP ERP, Oracle Applications, Sage Applications, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, MYOB and QuickBooks accounting software.

The software has three flavors

DocumentBurster can process PDF or Excel reports.

DocumentBurster™ Server has all the features of DocumentBurster and some additional advanced capabilities like scheduled report distribution and unattended report delivery in order to achieve the most complex report delivery scenarios.

DocumentBurster™ Server can be executed like a long-running Windows service in order to perform report distribution with minimum or no user intervention. DocumentBurster™ Server services can be configured to start when Windows is booted (and run in the background as long as Windows is running), or they can be started manually, when required.

DocumentBurster™ Server is a fully fledged report distribution solution which can be tailored with advanced features to perfectly meet the most complex report bursting and report distribution requirements.

Following capabilities are all achievable with DocumentBurster™ Server, either as out of the box features, either through the tailoring of the software

DocumentBurster™ Portal is our DocumentBurster cloud-based managed services solution.

DocumentBurster™ Portal allows our customers to focus on their business, instead of their report building, report generation, document distribution or how to build a mechanism to accept customer payments online. DocumentBurster™ Portal is a cloud-hosted web software which can be used to generate and send personalized documents to customers, manage and track documents sent to customers and to (optionally) accept payments online from your customers.

Here is how you could manage customer documents (invoices) using DocumentBurster™ Portal