Chapter 7. Quality Assurance

7.1. Email Tester
7.1.1. Configuration
7.1.2. Run Test
7.2. Logging
7.3. Send Processing Errors by Email
7.4. Quarantine Reports Which Fail To Be Delivered
7.5. Error Handling

When dealing with reports and financial documents it is important to have a good quality assurance mechanism.

I'm concerned with sending misdirected mass email.

This is a legitimate concern which people might have before deciding to implement an automated report delivery system. DocumentBurster's quality assurance mechanism is the tool intended to address exactly this concern, thus greatly reducing the risk and increasing the confidence of doing mass report distribution.

Before going "live" quality assurance should be used for testing that everything is configured as it should be.

DocumentBurster integrates a Test Email Server which sits in the system tray and does not deliver the received messages. The received messages can be quickly viewed and inspected. Imagine you're just about to email 1000 invoices to your customers. You'll want to test your messages before emailing? Email Tester will help you do just that.

The emails that are routed to the Email Tester will include the document(s) as a PDF attachment and the body of the email messages will be the same which the actual recipients are going to receive. Once you are comfortable using DocumentBurster you can go "live" and distribute the reports to the actual recipients.

In DocumentBurster main window select Actions , Merge, Burst and Trace... , Quality Assurance

One of the following test modes can be selected:

Once the test is finished all the generated emails will be available for inspection in the Test Email Server which is started and waits in the Windows (bottom right) system tray.

It is crucial for the software to properly distribute all the documents to the correct destinations. However sometimes, because of various reasons, the distribution of the documents might fail. This might happen because the email server connection details are not correct or because the server itself is down or maybe the SSL settings are not accurate.

DocumentBurster has support for logging all activities and for tracing back the reports which fail to be distributed.

In DocumentBurster main window select Actions , Merge, Burst and Trace... , Logging, Tracing...

By default, in order to keep the log files simple and clear, the program is logging the errors and the minimum necessary number of informative events.

If required, DocumentBurster can be configured to generate detailed log files. To do this please edit the file log4j.xml and make the following change

Do the bold change

Save the configuration file and run the program again. Now DocumentBurster will generate detailed log files which can be used for tracing of possible problems.

DocumentBurster can be configured to send an email whenever a problem is happening. To do this, please edit the file log4j.xml and un-comment the following line

In addition, it is required to give all the correct email connection details in the mailAppender section.

DocumentBurster can be configured to quarantine (save) the documents which fail to be delivered to a configurable folder. The failed documents should be reviewed at a later point in time in order to take a decision (either to distribute again or to do something else).

In DocumentBurster main window select Actions , Configure , General

By default DocumentBurster software is stopping the report distribution when an error is happening. DocumentBurster software will wait for the root cause of the problem to be fixed before triggering again the same report. The reason for this default behavior is that usually the problems are happening because of incorrect (or inconsistent) data and that all of these problems should be promptly fixed otherwise, when ignoring incorrect data (or misconfiguration), bigger problems will probably happen later.

Having said that, there are few legitimate situations in which the continuation of the report distribution might be the preferred choice. For example, you might be looking at distributing reports to 5000 customers out of which 3 customers have an incorrect email address in the database. Maybe the customer data was collected during a long period of time (and by many people) so few data problems are expected. In such a case you will not be willing to halt all the distribution and instead you will need to distribute the reports to all the correct addresses and, in the same time, to get a list with the incorrect email addresses which needs to be fixed afterwards.

In DocumentBurster main window select Actions , Configure , Advanced , Error Handling

If any recipient distribution fails...