Batch Print PDF Documents

Did you ever have to batch print PDF documents? DocumentBurster can be configured to automate and batch print PDF reports.

Use Case Example

We purchased a printer which can staple documents. The main reason we chose to do this was for our invoice printing. Here is the situation:

We have two (2) copies for each invoice and we need to staple the copies together. We send both copies out for delivery, one gets signed for and returned to our offices and the other stays with our customer. We are printing many invoices each night so automating this stapler capability can save a decent amount of office labor.

In order to automate the above scenario, DocumentBurster can be configured to batch print PDF invoices which will get stapled by the printer. Both copies of the same invoice will be sent as a separate print job so they will get stapled together. Further more, all the invoices will be processed in a single and automated flow which can be scheduled to happen during the night.


Silent PDF batch printing – Using this sample script, DocumentBurster can silently print the output burst reports.

Foxit Reader

This script is using Foxit Reader in order to print the reports. Foxit Reader should be installed on your machine in order for the script to work properly.

The script should be executed during the endExtractDocument report bursting life-cycle phase. Edit the script scripts/burst/endExtractDocument.groovy with the content found in scripts/burst/samples/batch_pdf_print.groovy and then burst a new report. Now, every time a report is burst, the output files will be sent to the default printer.

Complete documentation about batch_pdf_print.groovy script can be found in Chapter 1. Using scripts to achieve more -> Sample scripts -> batch_pdf_print.groovy from the DocumentBurster – Advanced report delivery scenarios document.

Feel free to download DocumentBurster and see for yourself how this software can be used to automate and batch print all your business reports.