DocumentBurster 8.8.0 with Built-in Auto-Update

December 2020

DocumentBurster version 8.8.0 was released today with an easy-to-use (automatic) mechanism to update from previous versions.

This new mechanism helps to (auto) update from older DocumentBurster versions 5, 6, 7 and prior installations of version 8 (it does not work for version 4 and earlier). When pointed to an existing (older) installation folder of DocumentBurster the update flow will identify the existing licensing information, configuration files, scripts and HTML templates and will automatically copy and migrate all files. Until now the DocumentBurster software update was a manual process and this saves the effort to manually reconfigure the software each time when a new version is being released.

How Does It Work

Once you have downloaded the latest version, go to

DocumentBurster.exe -> Help & Support -> Install / Setup / Update -> Update tab

New Version: DocumentBurster 8.4 is now available

Today the new DocumentBurster 8.4 was just released.

Distributing thousands of documents to customers requires to have the confidence that all the documents were reliably sent to the correct recipients. In this new version we added the option to watch in real time, while document distribution is happening, all the logs generated during the bursting process. At the end a new bursting stats section will show on the screen all the details related with the last job processed.

“Real time” logs are displayed while documents are processed.

“Bursting stats” are now displayed at the end of each bursting job.

Feel free to download and let us know what you think about this new release.


or if you need to download the latest DocumentBurster Server

Download DocumentBurster Server

New year comes with a new DocumentBurster 8.3 release

January 2018

DocumentBurster 8.3 was just released. In September 2017 Oracle announced a new Java 9 version. For this release the focus was to certify our software works well with the new Java 9.

With DocumentBurster 8.3 we also fixed an issue happening in the License screen where license activation was failing with an HTTPS/SSL exception on few computers were Java Version 8 (Update 121) was installed.


or if you need to download the latest DocumentBurster Server

Download DocumentBurster Server

DocumentBurster 8.2 Is Now Available

December 2017

After announcing DocumentBurster 8.1 in the last couple of weeks we continued our work and DocumentBurster 8.2 is now available for download.

DocumentBurster needs to send documents as reliably as possible and this is why DocumentBurster 8.2 introduces a new and configurable retry policy. Normally report delivery jobs have only one attempt, that is when they fail, they are marked as a failure, and remain that way until you intervene. Since DocumentBurster 8.2 you can now specify a retry policy, which is important for report delivery jobs such as transferring an email, which upon failure, may usually retry without issue.

Now it is also possible to cancel / pause / resume running jobs something which was not straightforward to do in the past.

Here you can read the full press release which announces DocumentBurster 8.2 availability.


or if you need to download DocumentBurster Server 8.2

Download DocumentBurster Server

New DocumentBurster 8.1 Release

November 2017

There are few months since we last sent an announcement. DocumentBurster is now back with good news.

DocumentBurster 8.1 was just released and in this new version

  1. We continued to fix all the little details with the scope to make the automated report distribution even more reliable
  2. Quality Assurance (QA) mechanism allows verifying (double check), before sending by email lots or reports, that everything is configured the way it should be
  3. Logging / Tracing was overhauled and it’s now straightforward to see and validate that each report was sent to the correct recipient
  4. User Interface (UI) was greatly simplified with the scope to make the software very easy to use

Upgrading to version 8.1 is easy. If required please don’t hesitate to send us an email and ask for help


or if you need to download DocumentBurster Server 8.1 here it is

Download DocumentBurster Server

Beautiful Responsive Emails

February 2016

DocumentBurster 7.4 was just released with an easy and powerful mechanism to send Beautiful Responsive Emails.

Mobile, WebMail and Desktop Trends

We tracked nearly 1 billion emails every month throughout 2015.

In the second half of 2015, opens made on mobile devices surged, going from 49% in June to 54% in November—a 10% increase. This matches trends we’ve seen in prior years where consumers are more likely to rely on portable devices. Webmail and desktop opens have also steadily declined throughout 2015, each dropping 13% since January.

Responsive Email Templates

Designing responsive HTML emails can be hard. DocumentBurster™ makes it easy.

DocumentBurster™ comes with Foundation for Emails which is a simple framework to quickly create responsive HTML emails that work on any device and any client.

There are four responsive email templates available in ./templates/html-mobile-responsive-emails/templates/base

All four email templates have been tested across 40+ email clients and devices.

I hope you will enjoy using the the new DocumentBurster. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any help you would need.


New Version 7.3 with SMS capability

January 2016

Happy New Year to all DocumentBurster users!

A new version of DocumentBurster (v7.3) was released recently. Along with various improvements and bug fixes this version also brings a brand new SMS message distribution capability.

Sometime back I run a customer poll with how useful a feature like SMS message distribution would be for DocumentBurster. I was actually surprised by the high number of replies I got asking to put SMS message distribution into DocumentBurster. I am happy to announce it’s now possible to send SMS messages like that to your customers.

Dear $var0$ (Customer Name),
We’ve emailed the $var1$ (June) invoice to $var2$ (
Thank You for your business!
Your Name,
Your Company Name

With an average SMS open rate of 99% I can understand why sending SMS messages was such a requested feature. Here it is!

DocumentBurster SMS Menu

DocumentBurster SMS Message

I hope you will enjoy using the the new DocumentBurster. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any help you would need.


DocumentBurster 7.1

DocumentBurster 7.1 was released on Dec 14, 2015!

This release fixes an issue with the web console windows service.

All the best,

Burst and Distribute Excel Reports

April 2014

You love how DocumentBurster bursts and emails your PDF reports?

DocumentBurster can do the same for your Microsoft Excel reports no matter if you run the latest Microsoft Office 2013 or an ancient Office 97. Curious how this works?

How to Burst Excel Reports

In order to support more business scenarios DocumentBurster implements two different ways of bursting Excel reports

  • Burst by Distinct Sheets
  • Burst by Distinct Column Values

Depending on each specific business situation one or the other of the two distinct bursting methods will be more appropriate.

Burst by Distinct Sheets

Using this method DocumentBurster will generate a separate output file for each Excel sheet which is found in the input report.


Burst by Distinct Column Values

Using this method DocumentBurster will generate a separate output file for each distinct value found in a specified column from a specified sheet.


Feel free to download DocumentBurster and check for yourself how this software can help your organization.


DocumentBurster Quality Assurance

March 2014

Can I Test My Reports Before Going Live?

Yes, you can. When dealing with reports and financial documents it is important to have a good quality assurance mechanism.

I’m concerned with sending misdirected mass email.

DocumentBurster‘s quality assurance mechanism is the tool intended to address this concern. Quality assurance should be used for testing, before “going live”, that everything is configured as it should be. When running a test, all report transmissions can be sent via email to a test email address instead of the actual recipients. The emails you receive will include the document(s) as a PDF attachment and the body of the email messages will be the same which the actual recipients are going to receive. Once you are comfortable using DocumentBurster you can “go live” and distribute the reports to the actual recipients.



Quality Assurance allows to test that the output if correct for either

  • All the reports/burst tokens
  • A list of specific reports
  • Some random reports

Testing the configuration using Quality Assurance is a great way to reduce the risk and increase the confidence before doing mass report distribution.

Quality Assurance mechanism is available starting with DocumentBurster version 6.

Feel free to download DocumentBurster and check for yourself how this software can help your organization.