DocumentBurster 8.8.8 Released

05 Dec 2022

This new version fixed an annoying issue where the Java runtime (used by DocumentBurster) did not release the log files for one or two minutes after the actual report processing was already finished. The result was that the Clear Logs button was not usable and, as a result, no other report processing could be initialed before Java was releasing the log files. This is now fixed.

The new release also includes the option to generate additional debug information for solving possible email sending difficulties.

Debug Email (produces more debug log messages when sending emails)

Feel free to download the new DocumentBurster and let us know what you think about this new release.


or if you need to download the latest DocumentBurster Server

Download DocumentBurster Server


How to Update DocumentBurster

Download the above zip file, extract it to a folder location i.e. C:\DocumentBurster and execute using “Run As Administrator” the newly extracted DocumentBurster.exe

Go to DocumentBurster.exe -> Help & Support -> Install / Setup / Update -> Update tab