New DocumentBurster 8.1 Release

November 2017

There are few months since we last sent an announcement. DocumentBurster is now back with good news.

DocumentBurster 8.1 was just released and in this new version

  1. We continued to fix all the little details with the scope to make the automated report distribution even more reliable
  2. Quality Assurance (QA) mechanism allows verifying (double check), before sending by email lots or reports, that everything is configured the way it should be
  3. Logging / Tracing was overhauled and it’s now straightforward to see and validate that each report was sent to the correct recipient
  4. User Interface (UI) was greatly simplified with the scope to make the software very easy to use

Upgrading to version 8.1 is easy. If required please don’t hesitate to send us an email and ask for help


or if you need to download DocumentBurster Server 8.1 here it is

Download DocumentBurster Server