New Release – DocumentBurster 8.8.4

22 November 2021

With this release the configurations for Read Receipt Address and Read Receipt Name were graduated from being an ‘Incubating Feature’ and are now ‘Feature Ready for Production’.

SSL Exception’ issue is now completely solved

This release includes a couple of fixes, most notable the annoying ‘SSL Exception’ issue happening when the license key is verified is now completely resolved.

In the last couple of weeks there was a Java update and/or SSL certificate update performed by the hosting provider of which made the previously working (older) installations of DocumentBurster to fail by throwing an ‘SSL Exception’ when the license key is verified. The DocumentBurster 8.8.1 and newer versions alleviate this problem by making the software more resilient when this exception is coming (only a warning message is logged in DocumentBurster 8.8.1 when ‘SSL Exception’ is happening instead of completely stopping the processing as in the older versions of the software).

DocumentBurster 8.8.4 and newer versions completely solve the problem without any ‘SSL Exception’ error and/or warning message being generated anymore.

Feel free to download the new DocumentBurster and let us know what you think about this new release.


or if you need to download the latest DocumentBurster Server

Download DocumentBurster Server


How to Update DocumentBurster

Download the above zip file, extract it to a folder location i.e. C:\DocumentBurster and execute using “Run As Administrator” the newly extracted DocumentBurster.exe

Go to DocumentBurster.exe -> Help & Support -> Install / Setup / Update -> Update tab