DocumentBurster 8.8.0 with Built-in Auto-Update

December 2020

DocumentBurster version 8.8.0 was released today with an easy-to-use (automatic) mechanism to update from previous versions.

This new mechanism helps to (auto) update from older DocumentBurster versions 5, 6, 7 and prior installations of version 8 (it does not work for version 4 and earlier). When pointed to an existing (older) installation folder of DocumentBurster the update flow will identify the existing licensing information, configuration files, scripts and HTML templates and will automatically copy and migrate all files. Until now the DocumentBurster software update was a manual process and this saves the effort to manually reconfigure the software each time when a new version is being released.

How Does It Work

Once you have downloaded the latest version, go to

DocumentBurster.exe -> Help & Support -> Install / Setup / Update -> Update tab