DocumentBurster 8.8.5 New Version Available

17 March 2022

With this new version of DocumentBurster the capabilities to configure Delivery Receipt Address and Delivery Receipt Name were graduated from being an ‘Incubating Feature’ and are now ‘Feature Ready for Production’.

Reliable Report Distribution Software

No matter if your organization needs to distribute employee payslips, invoices to customers, student reports or any other enterprise document, DocumentBurster is a reliable software for distributing all these reports automatically.

With the release of DocumentBurster 8.8.5 it is now possible to configure the email address where the Delivery Receipt will be sent along with the previously existing options to configure Reply To and Bounce To Address configurations. Imagine that your company is sending invoices to customers. Wouldn’t you want to be notified when a customer did not receive his invoice? Wouldn’t you want to automate such a scenario so that your organization will get fewer unpaid invoices and will increase revenue with less human effort? This is how Bounce To Address configuration can be used, all bounced emails can be redirected to a specially configured email address for easier management by your employees or, even better, for further automated processing of the bounced invoices.

Feel free to download the new DocumentBurster and let us know what you think about this new release.


or if you need to download the latest DocumentBurster Server

Download DocumentBurster Server


How to Update DocumentBurster

Download the above zip file, extract it to a folder location i.e. C:\DocumentBurster and execute using “Run As Administrator” the newly extracted DocumentBurster.exe

Go to DocumentBurster.exe -> Help & Support -> Install / Setup / Update -> Update tab