Release – DocumentBurster 6.1

Dear all,

DocumentBurster 6.1 was released recently. Since version 5.1 was introduced (Aug 2011) many new capabilities were added to the software, mainly:

  • Improved Attachments – Now attachments are fully configurable and further more, multiple attachments can be archived and distributed together in a single file
  • Improved Upload configuration available through the GUI – FTP, File Share, FTPS, SFTP/SCP, HTTP/WebDAV uploads are now fully configurable through the GUI
  • Quality Assurance mechanism was introduced to enable in-depth pre-distribution testing which should increase the confidence of distributing business reports
  • Support to further tune additional aspects related with the report bursting and report distribution process, such as: Configurable Burst Tokens Delimiters, Number of User Variables, Number of Parallel Distribution Jobs, etc.


Virgil – Feb 27, 2013

Release – DocumentBurster 5.8


DocumentBurster 5.8 introduces better cURL integration for uploading reports through FTP, File Share, FTPS, SFTP/SSH/SCP and WebDAV.

Upload reports through FTP, File Share, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV

Chapter 3. Distribute Reports – Upload Reports explains how to configure DocumentBurster in order to upload business reports.

DocumentBurster was all the time able to upload reports, however this will make the process more intuitive and easier to configure through the GUI.

I hope you find this addition useful.

Virgil – Nov 19, 2012

Release – DocumentBurster 5.7.8

Hello Everybody,

Starting with this release DocumentBurster can manage multiple configuration templates through the GUI. DocumentBurster was all the time able to handle multiple configuration templates in the back-end and editing those templates through the GUI was a much expected feature.

Chapter 4. Configuration Templates explains in detail how to manage a separate set of configuration settings for each of your different report types such as invoices, payslips, statements or any other reports which you might need to burst and distribute.

I hope it will help!

Virgil – Oct 10, 2012

Release – DocumentBurster 5.7.5

DocumentBurster 5.7.5 is coming with a new GUI screen to edit some Advanced Settings. Those settings are usually not required to be modified (default values will handle the vast majority of the burst situations) and were previously available to be modified only through the XML configuration file.

In the menu go to Actions -> Configure… -> Advanced Settings

DocumentBurster Advanced Report Bursting Settings

Most the the settings are obvious from the associated labels and are also explained in the DocumentBurster User Guide document.

Still there is one setting which deserves special attention:

Reuse Last Token Found in Previous Pages (when not available in the current page)

Out of the box DocumentBurster will require the corresponding burst tokens to be available in each and every page of the reports which are expected to be extracted.

However there are few exceptional cases in which it is not possible to include the burst tokens into each and every page.

Example 1 – Here is how one user actually requested for this capability:

I have a Cognos report that is generating new Purchase Orders and attaching PDF files from a share to the PO, then getting the next PO and attaching PDFs to it and so on….

I can put a email tag on the header of the PO ( Page 1) but can not put it on the attached documents for that PO.

Would like the software to remember the email tag until it finds a page with a new tag.

ie: page 1 tag is, page 5 is and page 9 is

pages 1 thru 4 would go to Vendor1, 5 thru 8 to Vendor2 and page 9 thru end of document to Vendor3

Example 2 – Here is how another user described the same need:

My challenge is that at the end of every cycle we wish to e-mail, or deposit in a document folder, a full academic report for each of our students.

The full academic PDF (collected by House & Year group) is generated by our main data-base using Crystal Reports.

These PDF reports are made up of several Sub-Reports and contain many page breaks.

Each student’s report can be a different number of pages from two pages to 25 pages.

Our need is to be able to place a single {burst-token} at the start of each student’s report. We will not be able to place any subsequent {burst-token} into the Sub-Reports pages of the same student, only one at the beginning of the report.

Hopefully the previous two examples made it clear and helped to you understand when to use this new configuration.

Have a good day!

Virgil – June 13, 2012


Release – DocumentBurster 5.7.3


DocumentBurster 5.7.3 is able to get a PDF report which doesn’t contain any {burst token} and generate a different file for each page found in the input report.

While this alone doesn’t look like such a big thing together with Fetch Report Bursting Data From External Datasources can be used to burst and distribute legacy reports. A legacy report is defined as being a report which cannot be modified (for whatever reason) to include the meta-data information (burst tokens, user variables, etc.) which usually DocumentBurster will require in order to burst and deliver reports.

Do you have such reports which cannot be modified but you still need to distribute to your employees or business partners? This approach will not give all the bells and whistles of DocumentBurster but it will still get the job done (to distribute the reports).

Have a good day!

Virgil – May 30, 2012

Release – DocumentBurster 5.7

Hello everyone,

This release comes with a new feature to batch print PDF reports. There are few people which did require to automate a flow of batch printing PDF reports. And here it is.

Batch Print PDF Documents article explains with more details how DocumentBurster can be used to automate the flow of batch printing PDF documents.

Have a good day!

Virgil – May 18, 2012

Release – DocumentBurster 5.6.4

Hello everyone,

This release is coming with the new capability to configure the attachments which are sent by DocumentBurster. The default configuration will attach $extracted_file_path$ however this is now configurable and you can instruct DocumentBurster to attach multiple reports. It is even possible to send emails without any report attached.

If you are interested in this new feature Attach Multiple Reports article contains more details on how to configure attachments when using DocumentBurster to deliver business reports by email.

Have a nice day!

Virgil – April 23, 2012