Email PDF Reports

Are you looking for an efficient, simple and secure method to email PDF reports? DocumentBurster software can be used to automate all your report distribution requirements.

DocumentBurster can distribute by email any type of business reports including invoices, statements, billing statements, purchase orders, etc. For the sake of example let’s say you are looking for a way to automate the distribution of payslips to your employees.

Let’s assume you have generated one big report, for all of your employees, containing all the payslips for the current month. Each separate page of the big report contains the payslip for a single employee. What you would want to do is to have this big report cleverly separated in multiple individual pieces, with each piece being a one (1) page PDF report containing the payslip for a single employee. You will also need the corresponding payslips to be securely distributed to the correct employees. Further more everything should be completely automated and happening at the correct time which, in this case, is at the end of each month (when the payslips are normally being generated).

The email PDF reports scenario is like the following:

DocumentBurster software can email PDF reports and payslips to employees

Is it difficult to achieve this requirement?

With DocumentBurster it is simple and straightforward to email PDF reports; the scenario is supported almost out of the box. You will only need to include (if it’s not already present) the corresponding email address into each of the pages of the input report. The email address should be separated by the { and } characters like in the following picture:

DocumentBurster software configuration to automatically email PDF reports to the correct recipients

You can color the email address and the { and } separators with white (the same as the background color of the payslip report) so that the people which will receive the payslips by email will not be able to see this information (if this is what you need).

samples/Payslips.pdf is a sample report configured to work with DocumentBurster and which contains three (3) pages, with each different page being the payslip for a different employee. When processed with DocumentBurster this report will split three (3) different payslips and will also (optionally) email the output payslips to the intended recipients (in this case employees).

While this use case demonstrated how to burst and email PDF payslips, DocumentBurster is very flexible and can actually process any type of business report. Feel free to download DocumentBurster and see for yourself how this software can help your organization to automate all your report bursting and report distribution (delivery) requirements.