Upload Reports to Network File Share

Sometimes you might need DocumentBurster to upload reports over network, to a file share. This will allow, for example, to publish or archive the processed reports to a server somewhere on yours company intranet.

Once uploaded, the reports can be accessed by various people or can be further processed by other applications from within your organization. Another possible scenario might be to use the shared server location as a means for storing and filing your important documents.

To upload reports over network seems like an easy task and indeed, with DocumentBurster, it is an easy task.

copy_shared_folder.groovy script can be used to upload reports to a shared location.

The shared folder location should be mapped (mounted) locally (on the computer where DocumentBurster is running) before this script can be used to upload reports.

Using this sample script, DocumentBurster can copy each individual output burst report to a shared folder (as long as the shared drive is mounted). The script should be executed during the endExtractDocument report bursting life-cycle phase.

Edit the script scripts/burst/endExtractDocument.groovy with the content found in
scripts/burst/samples/copy_shared_folder.groovy and then burst a new report. Now, every time a report is burst, the output files will be uploaded to the shared folder.

By default the script is getting the shared location path from the content of $var0$ user variable (e.g. //VBOXSVR/shareit). With some small changes to the script, you can customize this and, for example, hard code your own shared location or dynamically construct the shared location path based on some logic which your situation requires.

Complete documentation about copy_shared_folder.groovy script can be found in Chapter 1. Using scripts to achieve more -> Sample scripts -> copy_shared_folder.groovy from the DocumentBurster – Advanced report delivery scenarios document.

Feel free to download DocumentBurster and see for yourself how this software can upload reports to a network shared location.