Too much work to do?

Throw some work at me. I'll take it? Probably.

How much this will cost you?

Nothing, it is free for now. Is there a catch? No, there is no catch.

My company has a product, DocumentBurster, which is selling. Now I'm looking to add consulting and IT services to the mix. I need to start from somewhere and the engine for the consulting business is a new project which I envision and which is called FlowKraft. Instead of building FlowKraft in the vacuum, with what I imagine that people will need, I'll build FlowKraft by solving real problems which people currently face.

We'll start with the smallest (but most useful) feature ideas which you currently have and together we'll quickly build a working prototype. At that point, if you feel that a project good for your company started to take shape, we'll formalize our relationship and will come with detailed plans for going forward.

What is your idea?

Can your company be more efficient and can you boost the company profit? Throw at me some IT hick-ups which your company currently has. Small and big. I'll think hard how FlowKraft can achieve your needs. We'll start by implementing the smallest things, and we'll gradually add more capabilities.

Some possible areas

Documents automation - build and generate custom web documents or offline PDF reports (i.e. customer invoices, employee payslips or any other company document)

Email automation - easily send lots of documents through web (or PDF reports) to your customers, employees, etc

Invoice automation - build a simple invoicing module on the web

Payments automation - get and track payments online from your customers

Forms and workflows automation - creating web forms and model workflows for business processes

Business dashboards - KPI business intelligence and analytics dashboards

Integration - SQL and data integration modules

HRM, CRM, Accounting or Project Management modules deployed for web

Sounds interesting?

Feel free to contact and let me know what your current needs are.

I appreciate referrals!


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