You have lots of work? Throw some at me.

I'll take it? Probably. How much will cost? Nothing. It's free for now.

Where's the catch?

There is no catch. I have a product DocumentBurster which is selling.

I want to add consulting and services business to the mix. So I need to start from somewhere. The engine of the consulting business will be a new project I envision FlowKraft.

Instead of building FlowKraft in the vacuum with what I imagine people will need I want to build FlowKraft by solving real problems which people face.

Can you help?

Throw at me some IT hick-ups you have. Small and big. I'll think hard how FlowKraft could help automating your IT chores. Or at least part of it. We'll start with the small tasks.

Some possible ideas: Crystal Reports scheduler/automation, centralized (login based) job scheduling & job management console, GUI automation, file transfer, FTP, email automation, any PDF related automation, applications integration scripts, SharePoint integration, SQL data extraction scripts, XML, creating reports, creating forms, KPI business intelligence dashboards, generating reports without the need of heavy/expensive BI tools (i.e. without Crystal Reports), Google Apps automation scripts, mail merge scripts, Excel automation, simple MS Access databases & applications, etc.

Sounds interesting? Just fill out this form. You might be surprised to get some work done.

I appreciate referrals!

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