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What Else Do I Get?
I also had a great help from the Support Team of DocumentBurster, who stayed with me the entire installation and Test process.
Marylou G. - Chief Financial Officer, ParkTrent Properties Group

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  • Why Renewing DocumentBurster?
    The purchase price of DocumentBurster includes the support and upgrade services for 60 days following the purchase. Thereafter both support and upgrade services are available for an annual fee.

    By renewing DocumentBurster your company will:

    • Have access to DocumentBurster support and get peace of mind for anything related with the DocumentBurster software
    • Get the latest version of DocumentBurster in order to keep the product up to date with the latest fixes, features and performance improvements
    • Keep the software compatible with the latest operating systems Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8 or Microsoft Windows 7
    • Keep the software compatible with the latest versions of Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel files specifications