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I also had a great help from the Support Team of DocumentBurster, who stayed with me the entire installation and Test process.
Marylou G. - Chief Financial Officer, ParkTrent Properties Group

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  • Why Purchasing DocumentBurster Support?
    DocumentBurster assistance

    The purchase price of DocumentBurster includes the maintenance (support) service for 60 days following the purchase. Thereafter the maintenance (support) service is available for an annual fee.

    The maintenance service entitles your organization to:

    • Get help installing and configuring DocumentBurster in order to quickly validate the proper operation of the software
    • Get professional DocumentBurster mail assistance in order to solve any possible incident
    • If required, get professional DocumentBurster support through remote desktop assistance. A DocumentBurster support person will directly connect to your desktop. Sometimes this is the fastest and the most straightforward way to investigate and solve any possible incident
    • Get notifications of new important features and/or fixes